Sometimes, the Universe says, “Sit back. Put your feet up. Let the world go by for a moment.” 
And sometimes, the Universe says, “Lock down. Stock up. It’s about to get dangerous.”
Hurricane Irma was no joke. She was called the Storm of the Century, and while hurricanes and blizzards often get talked up a bit much, that title fits. She was staggeringly large. Every time we thought she was going to settle down, she just ramped it up again. Category 5. Then 4. Then 5 again. I live in the Tampa Bay area and we went from, “We’ll probably get sideswiped with a tropical storm” to “She’s going to slam into us head-on. Neat.”
We all started evacuating and hunkering down on Friday. This is Tuesday. Most of the area (and by area, I mean state) is without power. I was out today and saw signs of life. Businesses that can are opening up again and being greeted with swarms of people. My own company is working remotely as we can. My internet isn’t reliable enough to put in more than bursts of work, but we never lose power and that is something to be thankful for.
I’ve had a lot of time to think. And read. Oh, boy, did I get some reading done! Guilt-free, too. I wasn’t worried about what I could or should be doing because I had no choice. Those things weren’t an option. But thinking. I did a lot of that. I had imagined, coming into this, that I would have all this glorious time to write. As usual, I have around 37.6 irons in the fire. I love 32 of them and I was looking forward to tending them. Nope. Anxiety and worry over the monster waggling its wet, hairy eyeball at you will suck the creativity right out of your fingertips.
Thinking, though, doesn’t require much. It can get derailed by, “The wind is picking up. Is she here?” and slide right back on track. It doesn’t require lights or internet or even silence (hurricanes are noisy). I took a few notes so I wouldn’t forget some of my thoughts. But mostly, I sorted out what I want to do in the coming weeks and months. I haven’t posted in a while because Life hasn’t quite finished pushing me around and teaching me lessons. I think maybe I’m starting to learn some of them and the result is… I really want to get myself together and get to where I want to be. Physically, creatively, mentally. Spiritually, too. All of it. 
It takes a lot more than just saying it and reading inspirational quotes (those do help, though. No lie.). It takes a lot more confidence than I currently have and a lot of effort. And apparently, it takes a hurricane of magnificent proportions to make me slow down long enough to lay the groundwork. 
So. You’ll be hearing more from me. Seeing more, too. I’ve got a rather large web project in the works and many much writing going on. 
If you were a part of this madness, I hope you and yours came through it safe and whole. If you weren’t, I hope your life is behaving. Either way, pause and consider… are you where you want to be? Or do you maybe wanna come on this journey with me and start following our own paths? I, for one, am a tired of paving my path from one problem to the next and nothing beyond.

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