There’s nonsensical nonsense makes no sense sayings about there being a disconnect between the creative mind and the organized mind. For example: A clean desk is the sign of sick mind. That sort of passive aggressive bullying. For some, it’s a lovely thought and it brings to mind all sorts of wonderful visions. The scattered painter whose studio is littered with canvases stacked haphazardly, open paints, and half dried palettes. Or the writer’s desk with a rumple of papers, books teetering dangerously, pens overflowing from cups. I’ll let you imagine your own crafting room or workshop. 
Maybe that works for you. Maybe you thrive in such a romantic setting. 
What about your digital space? Ahhhhhh… that could change things, couldn’t it? How many emails do you get in a day? How many do you actually read? What about Facebook notifications? 
Speaking for myself, my email is a hot mess. I had 96 waiting for me because I’d been getting notices on mobile devices and I just swiped them away. When I opened my email, they were there. Lurking. Waiting. Facebook was a little better, but pokes from groups I am not active in (yet don’t want to ditch) kept popping up, demanding attention. If you use other social media platforms, it only gets worse. 
This morning, I finally hit my limit. All this… noise… clamouring at me. It was too much. I spent an hour going through email and unsubscribing from things I no longer needed/cared about (or had never cared about) and either leaving, unfollowing, or turning off notifications for Facebook groups I didn’t require regular updates from. 
It was an hour well spent. Already, my digital world is calmer. Quieter. Clearing notices and deleting emails may not feel like it takes much out of your day, but it isn’t just the time it takes to erase them. It’s the interruption to your stream of focus. It’s the pushing into your time and your intent. 
So here’s your assignment. Go clean your digital room (or maybe you’ve got a whole house). You’ll feel better.
Maybe your desk, too. Just sayin… 

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