The whole idea behind this blog was sharing how I juggled All of the Things without losing my mind. Or any of the Things. I’ve been failing at that lately. In a really, really big way. That’s meant avoiding a new post. Self-described failure is a terrible spiral. Once you decide one Thing doesn’t matter, others quickly line up to be dismissed as well. Nothing sucks the creativity out of a life faster than the whispered words, “I suck.” Thanks to other conversations, I have learned this seems to be a fairly common fault in humans.
But all is not lost! There are some easy ways to shut those words down and get back to the work. 
-Phone a friend
     I have the inestimable pleasure of calling one Ophelia en Prive a friend. A dear friend. One of the best ever. She’s recently leapt back into the world of creating art and she has asked for my help with the words part of it all. I happened to mention to her, just this morning, the rut I’m in. She tossed a write-up at me and asked for an editorial eye. And just like that, I was climbing out of that rut, word by word, letter by letter. There’s no miraculous sun breaking through the clouds and I won’t be finishing the Great Rewrite today. But I’m here, writing this. 
     If you’re stumbling or stuck, nudge a friend. Maybe they need your help with something. Maybe they can offer a kick in the pants. Maybe they’re just an ear when you need one. It’ll help. I promise.
     And hey… go check out the beginnings of an awesome Thing. The blog is up and running, the shoppe and gorgeous wonders to soon follow.

-Do something creative outside of your niche
     Another very good friend (I am blessed to know some amazing people) is starting another creative endeavor. I can’t tell you about this one. It’s a seeeeecret! But it’s brilliant and she asked for my help. Nothing she needs from me (yet) involves writing. It’s all physical and visual. And it’s so much fun! I’ve loved crafting for a few decades now and I’ve got a decent eye for it, so it’s not a stretch. But it’s also not staring at a screen, anguishing because every word I’ve ever known has oozed out of my ears. 
     So go find another way to be creative. Garden. Paint something. Write. Crochet. Bake. Stay creative, but from a different angle.
-Improve your space
     Money is tight right now, so as much as I’d love to go terrorize a Home Goods, that’s going to have to wait. But I’ve been hating my desk space. It feels dark and cramped and not me at all. A few weeks ago, I discovered an artist I really like. She does comics and has a short series about fae on a college campus (

). It reads more like a How To than a story and I fell in love with it. So I printed it and I’ve hung it on the wall behind my chair. Now, when I walk into the room, it’s there. And it makes me smile. Eventually, I want to approach her about purchasing real prints (I don’t think she offers them. Yet.) that I can frame and hang properly. But for now, it’s a step up.

I feel like one of those magazines with stylish flowers on the cover and Southern in the title, but I’m for serious here. A small change to your space can make a huge difference. Move things around. Add flowers (stylish or wild). Hang up something. Change out your coffee mug. Just the act of doing something different is creative.
The one thread all these suggestions have in common is that they cut through the noise. Feeling like a failure, getting lost in mediocrity, worrying about life… these are not quiet endeavors. No one suffers in silence. You suffer in external silence while a cacophony rages inside. A single step away from that noise can be a breath of clean, fresh air. (Oh yeah – go outside, for the love of tiny creatures! That helps, too.) It can allow you to reset and refocus. And if it takes a few rounds, who cares? The goal is to get All of the Things back in the air, moving productively.  
Now go outside. Seriously.

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