At the end of 2019, a read an article that intrigued me. It talked about Zero Days. Those days when you get nothing done towards your goal. Specifically, it talked about how to avoid them.
We tend to look at big goals as having big actions. I am an author, therefore I must write every day to hone and perfect my craft, right? With our busy lives, we should be using our spare moments to chase our dreams, to the full extent of our abilities.
That’s horribly overwhelming. It often feels like we’re standing at the base of a mountain and we can’t see the path. We just know we have to get to the top.
The concept of No Zero Days clears the path, one or two steps at a time. It says you don’t have to do the big things every day. You can do something small. For me, that means updating this site. Or maybe researching a story I’m working on. Reading a trade article. Or simply going over my editorial calendar to see what’s coming up. I can go a day or two without writing a word and still stay true to my goals.
And that’s the point. Small progress is still progress and it keeps your eye on the mountain, without bearing the weight of entire beast.
There will, of course, be days when you get nothing at all done. You might not even think of your goals. And that’s okay. Just try not to string too many of them together.






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