These uncertain times

March 26, 2020. The day my area caught up to the “Safer at Home” protocol a large portion of the rest of the country has in place. Florida is often a bit slow on things. We’re the place where people come to vacation and retire. Some of us actually live here. And that living has gotten really strange.
I’m fortunate that I can work from home. It’s a good thing. I enjoy working from home. I always suspected I would and I was right. Today was pretty good. It’s Friday Eve. No one was too demanding, no major problems sprung up.
I laughed with my fellow stuck-at-homers. Ate too much junk, didn’t stretch enough, and submitted nine short and micro stories for submission. (Yes, I said nine. I had energy.) In all, nothing to not smile about.
So why am I so bloody irritable? Trying to get my gen 1 Surface connected to a wireless keyboard (it finally worked) and mouse (the mouse needs charging) scraped enough nerves that I nearly tossed the whole lot in the pool. Yes, we have a pool. It’s Florida.
I’ve been like this all day. The slightest issue is suddenly an entire subscription to manage. A friend posted an article about how so many of us are feeling this way. This odd not-quite-anger, not-quite-fear, but definitely not-joyous mood that seems to be laying across us like a squidgy wet blanket. Ick.
Seems it’s something akin to grief.

Here, read for yourself.


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